The PGL CS:GO Major playoffs will take place in Stockholm if the local authorities can make the event accessible to players, staff, and fans.

28 July 2021

As you are aware, PGL announced back in January that the first CS:GO Major after a two-year break would take place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The entire community was ecstatic for many reasons, but the most important was taking part in the first LAN Major since...

20 July 2021

The first offline DOTA 2 Major since January 2020 was enjoyed for over 20 million hours by fans, according to The Kyiv Major (2017) is still the most-watched DOTA 2 Major of all time. PGL produced both events.

7 April 2021

PGL presented the most important tournament of the DOTA 2 scene in the past 14 months. Singapore Major was the first-ever DOTA 2 Major broadcasted in 4K. Players from 29 countries were able to fly and compete in Singapore, while the viewers enjoyed over 100 hours of live...

6 April 2021


9 March 2021

The first DOTA 2 Major since January 2020 will be played without fans in attendance. Top hosts, analysts, and casters will make up the Major's talents list. The last 4 teams (CN) to qualify will be revealed in mid-March. 

3 March 2021

The first DOTA 2 Major after a 14-month break will take place in Singapore between March 27 - April 4

5 February 2021

DOTA 2 fans can watch the Upper Divisions of DPC 2021 SEA and China regions in 4K quality

20 January 2021

PGL MAJOR STOCKHOLM 2021 will have the largest prize pool in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history, to the tune of $2 million, and it will be the first Major to be broadcast in 4K 60 fps

14 January 2021

DPC - SEA Region will have a $280.000 prize pool and kick off on January 18, 2021

1 January 2021